Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sarcastic Fish

This is one of those days when it feels like there are a million different things asking for my attention simultaneously. At least I finished with Christmas shopping, so that's something.

I really wanted to see a movie yesterday but even the Sherlock Holmes movie wasn't playing at the theatre in the mall I was at. It's got to be one of the worst theatres in town, the sound system's shit, too. I almost went to see The Descendents since it was nominated for a Golden Globe, but I just couldn't work up the desire to spend ten dollars on it. It is funny, though, in my mad 2011 movie binging that none of the movies I've watched is a Golden Globe nominee. There's a pretty amazing skewing in the nominees towards very recent movies, too. I mean, it's always a little like that, but it's incredibly sharp this year. Where's Tree of Life, which all the critics were raving about? I may try and watch The Help, since it's one of the few actually out on DVD, though if the trailers are any indication, I'm not going to like it.

And last night I ended up just watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000, The Blood Waters of Doctor Z.

Twitter Sonnet #334

Spray paint water webs tear on the knee wound.
Dry black beak is reshaped for a stomach.
Pages printed on horn never lampoon.
Two faces screamed on the skull of Saavik.
Ninjas in orange beat red from the fat fake.
Honest Santas line up for hard milk war.
Cookie fields soak up blood too dear to take.
Lost feet remember what stockings are for.
Curving soldiers break on the flat limestone.
The wooden liars are force-fed peanuts.
Soft white petal perfume melts to cologne.
Always cook eyeballs for thirty minutes.
Checker pieces slice into the blimp brain.
Rubber stress ball moons in synchronous wane.

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