Monday, December 26, 2011

When Magic is Science, Magic AND Science Lose

Please . . . please, Mr. Moffat, no more. No more children. Please stop. Please. You're killing me. And no more zaniness. And a touch less gooiness, if you please. The Doctor Who Christmas special was sort of like being kissed by a giant camel who has a problem with excessive salivation.

The episode had its good points. The highlight of the episode was the scene where Madge finds the Doctor with his helmet on backwards, takes all the alienness completely in stride, and gets the police box open with a bobby pin. I also liked the moment when the Doctor gets insightful about why the woman's testy with the children. The forest of naturally occurring Christmas trees was a decent enough premise as well. And it's just nice seeing the Doctor during a dry spell, though it's frustrating knowing the show likely won't be back to regular episodes until fall 2012. There were some funny lines, too--I liked when the Doctor said the TARDIS was a wardrobe and that he needed to rewire it. When asked why, he says, "Have you seen the way I dress?" Though I have to say I was very pleased by the return of the blazer instead of the trench coat he'd started wearing at the end of the preceding season.

Unfortunately the episode topples under the weight of mostly pointless and distracting children and a much too effusive climax.

It didn't ruin Christmas for me, though. I got some nice gifts and the ones I gave seemed to go over well. I went to the yearly family gathering and spent most of it sitting and reading Maison Ikkoku. This elicited some dumbfounded pity from an uncle sitting next to me, who was reading what he considered the far more interesting Mining Journal. He pointed out to me an ad for what he called "the Rolls-Royce" of metal detectors, a sixty-five thousand dollar one. Sounds like a sound investment.

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