Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hives Serve More than Honey

One of two bees caught in the garden spider's web just outside to-day. This one was still alive and struggling. The spider was upstairs in her leaf, munching on a third bee;

So I'm glad at least one of the bees didn't go to waste. I wonder if it tasted like honey.

They must have come from the beehive I first noticed a few days ago in a bush, a few yards away, nearer the river. I checked on it on my way to the grocery store;

I've been a little worried about it--it's not on anyone's property, but it wouldn't surprise me if some jackass decided it was his right and duty to spray poison all over it.

When I got back from the grocery store, I found the struggling bee had had his abdomen relocated;

I guess the spider, being full from the first bee, decided just to make sure this future meal couldn't pull itself out of the web. Though by the time I got there, the spider was just sitting innocently, alone up in her leaf;

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