Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moving Things

If you live in the north eastern U.S., I hope you're safe and okay.

The other piece of news that has my eye to-day is the rather abrupt announcement of Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm and the attendant announcement of Star Wars: Episode VII for a 2015 release to be followed by additional Star Wars films every few years.

Mainly, I like this news. Lucas and Disney have always had a good relationship, the presence of Star Wars and Indiana Jones at Disneyland has always been great. I love the old Star Tours and I'm dying to see the new one. I'm somewhat worried about the movies being given to Gore Verbinski with a cartoon Johnny Depp jumping about, but maybe Disney would know best the lessons of Jar Jar Binks. The fact that there are plans for so many Star Wars movies is something I really like. I think being a sacred cow has harmed the franchise--I say, make lots, make mistakes, learn from them, give lots of people opportunity to be creative with the material. If you don't like one year's Star Wars film, just wait a couple years for the next one. Maybe this means the live action television series will get off the ground, too.

I don't have a lot of time to-day, I have a three page paper to write for American Literature class to-morrow, a "prospectus" for a 10 to 15 page term paper due at the end of the semester which is to analyse the nature of American literature based on two American authors. This is a great deal more than I was ever asked to do for my advanced composition class. I guess I don't mind the extra work, but it would've been nice to enjoy a nice, easy survey course. Mostly it just makes me wonder what class the teacher would like to be teaching.

Twitter Sonnet #441

Hourly leaking carotene changed brass.
Dusty throats grew until they were the hall.
Veins of dew laminated tongues of cash
All across the fragile clay shopping mall.
Satirical frontal lobes embarrass
The blushing flower material squeezed
Into the maiden skull of the practiced
Enflamed and pale giant Lego strip tease.
Frenetic scattered caresses query
Rotting diamond taffy preserved in a
Garbage gazebo balanced to marry
The spray paint pair of ghostly hyena.
Grated eyelash raindrops make a hammock
From the mists of chewy submerged stomach.

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