Friday, October 26, 2012

There's a Place for Us

"Frankenstorm"? Come on, people. It should be "Frankenstein's Monstorm". You people are supposed to be journalists.

Meanwhile, here in San Diego, it's a cloudless 86° Fahrenheit. But, hey, they're saying it could be as low as 84° by Tuesday. We seem to be getting a cool day once every two weeks or so. I was even able to wear my jacket one day last week. But mostly it's this one long line of heat and thinking about the feeling it gave me, I realised it was familiar. It reminded me of something. Finally I realised . . . it was "Endless Eight".

That's only a looped 36 seconds of the first episode but those of us who lived through the original broadcast of "Endless Eight" can tell you this only scratches the surface of this grand experiment in repetition. As fans of the popular anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya eagerly watched each week for a new episode, and for seven weeks in a row were awarded the same episode from the previous week. Well, not exactly the same. Each episode was animated by a different animation studio, so it was an interesting demonstration of how different studios would adapt the same script. It was also admirable just for chutzpah.

If you would like to subject yourself to it, and in a weird way I'm recommending it, the original, full length "Endless Eight" starts here. There is a reason within the story the characters are repeating the same summer day over and over. The characters actually repeat it over 15,000 times.

So enjoy your life threatening hurricane, you lucky bastards.

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