Saturday, February 01, 2014

Good Ape Vibes

I'm glad to say I have at least one good class this semester. I went to the first session of Physical Anthropology yesterday, an almost three hour class that goes from 9am to 11:45am. I don't relish the idea of spending all Friday mornings on it until summer but at least the subject matter is genuinely interesting--human evolution and non-human primates. The class comes with a twenty five dollar four month zoo pass which I intend to put to good use.

And I like the teacher a lot, Margaret Rance, a soft spoken, self-possessed woman between 60 and 70 who seemingly quieted a room full of normally noisy college students for hours with just her demeanour. She really seems passionate about the subject, telling us how she got her masters by studying an Iranian family living in Los Angeles and talking about how she loved studying chimpanzees and orang outangs. She told us her idol was Jane Goodall but that was kind of clear without her mentioning it.

Well, I don't have much time for an entry to-day. I have an appointment in Moorpark to-day, north of L.A. I need to leave soon if I want to eat lunch at a decent time. I don't expect I'll be home until this evening. The list of things I'd rather be doing to-day is rather long and even includes things like cleaning my apartment. I am not fond of the drivers on Los Angeles freeways.

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