Monday, February 24, 2014

The Brains

I think I still have the ragged VHS copy of Ghostbusters I watched over and over when I was a kid. Harold Ramis, who died to-day, played Egon Spengler and co-wrote the screenplay. I came to appreciate him later for his performance in Stripes and of course as the director of Groundhog Day.

Not all good artists are articulate--I challenge you to listen to one of Ridley Scott's hazy interviews. But Ramis had a great ability to analyse films and talk about them eloquently. And he seemed to have a great ability even to look at his own work without becoming defensive.

I heartily recommend listening to one of his DVD commentaries some time--his commentary for Groundhog Day is particularly good. 

Twitter Sonnet #599

Legless music repeats on silky turf.
Chromosome teeth filter an anxious howl.
Termite faces wink throughout the thick surf.
Triplicate faces chase a tea soaked owl.
Watch faces plug the martini funnel.
Solemn Scorpio shirts spell out, "Virgo."
Saltine clouds gently coat the throat tunnel.
Vegetables grow despite the embargo.
Asparagus neon blankets the eye.
Souls request blocks of telephones wire.
Galactic Siskel sighed for ether rye.
But Luke Skywalker turned from the pyre.
Glass circles flash through ectoplasm murk.
The unstopped stripe sock drill finally worked.

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