Friday, September 12, 2008

Home again. More to do. I can't believe there's another hurricane in the gulf coast. It seems like we've got two years at best before that part of the country becomes like the surface of Venus. While in this part, of course, there'll be more wildfires. Where are the colossal atomic men? Anyway, here's hoping Ike evaporates.

Apparently Dragoness was finally able to get through to the police in the UK. I still suspect this guy's never going to be caught, but here's hoping.

I bought a bottle of mead last night, and my sister and I drank half while watching Sherlock Holmes, and I finished it later in the evening while watching Floating Weeds. I know I said I was in a Kurosawa mood, but I decided to give this one another go while I was feeling exceptionally tranquil, as that's the sort of mood the movie seems to require. It's a movie with a plot that seems almost entirely incidental to Ozu's passion for composition of static shots. It's far better appreciated as a series of portraits, especially as I still can't sympathise entirely with the odd glorification of its protagonist at the end. I think the earlier, silent film version actually works slightly better as a story.

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