Thursday, September 25, 2008

I dreamt last night that it was possible to buy live trilobites as pets, but the only place to get them around here was a few miles north of San Diego. My friend really wanted one, so I went with her as she drove up to the place, and I held the box containing the trilobite on the way back. It was like a fat envelope, and eventually the trilobite escaped. I grabbed it by its middle as it squirmed out of the box. It was slightly smaller than a dinner plate, and I distinctly remember the feeling of shell segments in my hand covering squishy parts within and its legs waving rapidly and incessantly.

I woke up wondering why I haven't seen pill bugs around here in such a long time. I saw them constantly when I was a kid.

I think I got enough sleep last night, but I seem to have a massive headache and an even worse stomach ache. I've been working on the script for Chapter 10 anyway. Fortunately, it's one of those chapters I've been crafting in my head for weeks, even before I'd finished Chapter 8.

I'll be so glad when this week's over. I want my cognisance back.

I've intercepted a letter from John McCain to Apocalypse from X-Men;

Dear Apocalypse;

First of all, I would like to greet you in the name of the United States of America and welcome you to our shores. But, at the same time, I think it's important to iterate that you are the greatest threat mankind has faced.

There are many, like Senator Obama, who would suggest that by performing oral sex on massively powerful, evil mutants we would somehow gain prestige in the global economy. I say what I've always said; no way.

Oral sects are among the hardest working people in industry to-day, and I do not support the senator from Illinois' plan to exploit them.

Now, I will agree to meet with you, Mr. Apocalypse and I don't see any reason you and I can't reach an agreement. We are all Apocalypse, and I believe the foundations of our relationship are firm and guarantee prosperity for the world and America.

All the same, it must be stressed that you represent a crisis threatening to tear the very fabric of our safety and our values. You know, there was a time when I had to face what some might call a giant, villainous mutant in the form of my Viet Cong captors. And let me tell you, I didn't let them stand in the way of my love for this country, and I'll be damned if you will.

In conclusion, I hope that you and I can reach an amicable agreement that would facilitate peaceful and fruitful relations between us in perpetuity.

Your friend,
Senator John McCain

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