Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I kind of like this guy's artwork for The Smiths' "This Night has Opened My Eyes";

I had a post-apocalyptic dream last night. The world had reformed into ruined buildings in an ocean. The British Navy seemed to be in charge of everything, mainly because they'd thought beforehand to make a complex series of locks, like the ones on the Panama Canal. Everyone I knew seemed to be moving south for some reason and no one wanted to speak to anyone else. I remember looking up to see two enormous skyscrapers that appeared to be made of a spiky, crystalline graphite.

There was a small space between the building I was walking on and the next, and two women pushing a stroller next to me complained they'd never be able to cross, but I was able to leap the gap easily. I was aware of Caitlin and Spooky travelling some distance ahead of me, and I knew they were trying to get to Atlanta, though I couldn't figure out why as I recalled they both hated the place.

I found a square opening in the roof of one building and remembered it from another dream--it led into an exhibition of sculptures by the singer Jewel. It was deserted now, of course. I was trying to descend into the building when I woke up.

I noticed I wasn't drawing too well to-day and realised I hadn't eaten. Sometimes it's as simple as that. I went and got a sandwich and some apples from the grocery store. I got weirdly excited when a guy handed me a free newspaper.

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