Sunday, September 28, 2008

This morning I stepped on my belt and broke the buckle. This following a night where I discovered my computer's hard drive was going to have to be wiped completely. I spent to-day at Tim's house, where he reinstalled Windows for me.

If you ever see a file on your hard drive called vertumonde.dll, by the way, even if you manage to delete the file, you do have to dump everything on your hard drive. Tim does this for a living--it's part of what he does, anyway, making sure people's and companies' computers are free of viruses. And so far he hasn't found a way to get rid of this one.

Apparently, it mainly lets in other Trojan viruses, for which the common goal is to make your computer run at a fraction of its normal speed while pop-up ads cascade across the screen. Not to damage the computer. Just to pour ads down your airhole like Eugene Levy's assistants in Splash.

On the freeway yesterday, I saw a billboard truck--you know, one of those trucks that have just a big billboard for its rear section. I thought about how much business that could possibly bring in, and did it really make up for the cost of gas? Do viruses that breed popup ads generate business? I have known a few people, actually, that do seem to get svengalied by ads because they're foisted on them, as though the popups ravish them. It was sad enough when we noticed advertisments permeating the environment in all directions. Now I'm getting the impression people actually respect them.

Last week, I discovered I was no longer banking with Washington Mutual but instead JPMorgan dressed as Washington Mutual. I want to see a commercial depicting the Washington Mutual employee with the corral of bank CEOs being ambushed by one of the CEOs who skins him and escapes a la Hannibal Lector. Why don't they make ads like that?

Anyway, as you can imagine, I have a lot of work to catch up on. Thank the gods I was able to back up all the important things . . .

One of the things I love about Wikipedia is this image (not work-safe) is included in the entry on bathing. You know some repressed Wikipedia editor thinks women really look like that when they shower normally.

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