Saturday, September 13, 2008

I drew the first page of Chapter 9 to-day. I ought to've drawn it yesterday, but it seems I'm slightly behind schedule. I'm not worried. Life's too short, right?

The television has stopped picking up channels for reasons I've yet to even attempt discovering. So I missed Bill Maher, which was a bit disappointing. I took the time then to dust my room yesterday. It'd been too long. I even used the Old English oil I used to use on my room as a kid. It was sort of nostalgic. I'd dust more often if I had time. Why doesn't the world comply with my naturally relaxed disposition?

My grandmother picked up some strange new variety of veggie burger, but every new veggie burger is probably best described as strange, each having its own mysterious alchemy involved to produce its individual mulch. Most of them give me terrible stomach aches, as this one did at around 9am this morning. I thought maybe it'd been the Jameson I had last night, at first, which was the first liquor I'd had in almost a week. I don't think I enjoyed it enough. I'll give liquor an extension on its leave of absence, I think.

I got up at 2:30 in the afternoon and felt like I could've slept later, probably because of the time spent in front of the toilet at 9am trying to figure out if I was going to throw up. I had long hair last time the spirits overwhelmed me, so I was looking forward to the ease with which I might expel vomit with this sensible cut. Alas, it was not put to the test.

The only thing I watched yesterday was a couple episodes of xxxHolic, which is a good series to take in small doses.

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