Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The End of the World and Dolls are Smarter than Girls in the Whedonverse

Twitter Sonnet of the Apocalypse

A cross-eyed cat is the End Times saviour.
When clouds become behemoth clay pigeons.
And the pope's a Stuart Gordon voyeur.
Quick rogue rabbits steal off with dark engines.
Quest givers contracted Williams Syndrome.
"Look for flutes in an empty asteroid belt."
Deafly smug yahoo maps keep you from home.
I know how the walkman started to melt.
Few machines can properly speak for me.
A strange, fair princess might come to hang out.
Starting death for Star Trek dichotomy.
Sometimes there's things movies might be about.
Hospitallers shall not mate with the Templars.
God's grace is the guts of caterpillars.

I watched half of the Kingdom of Heaven director's cut last night, I'll blog about it when I've watched the rest.

I also wrote the script for Chapter 34 of Venia's Travels yesterday and to-day I wrote half of 35 without really meaning to. It kind of just came to me while I was eating lunch. The other half is pretty close to solidifying, too.

I typed up the first half when I got back from the grocery store to-day and noticed a massive spider behind my computer monitor. It was too quick for me to photograph or capture, but it did lead me on a journey through a very dusty area, so I'm thinking I may need to clean to-night. Last I saw the spider, it fell among my drawing materials, so I think we shall meet again.

With breakfast to-day I watched "Epitaph One", the thirteenth, DVD only episode of Dollhouse starring Felicia Day. Easily one of the best episodes of the series and for its obviously low budget, a rather great take on a post-apocalyptic world that was quite a bold move in nailing the main characters down.

I realised to-day that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is, by far, my least favourite Joss Whedon series, Dollhouse is my favourite, with Firefly and Angel tied for second. I watched "Blood Ties" last night, the episode of Buffy where Dawn finds out she's the key, and I can sort of see it as an attempt to explore the same themes of identity and reality explored on Dollhouse, but I just couldn't buy Dawn freaking out that much from finding out she's the "key". The idea is much too abstract. If there were solid evidence, like, a video of Buffy and her mother doing something a couple years ago that definitively demonstrated that Dawn didn't used to exist, that might have worked. As it is, she's just a kid throwing a tantrum, making her slightly more annoying than she usually is. I will admit I don't think she's annoying as Conner on Angel. I thank the gods Firefly never got to a point where Whedon felt like introducing a Mal Junior or something.

I think, more than anything, what drives me up the wall about Buffy is all the fucking cutesy talk. I think Xander referred to a plan last night as a "plan-ie", and I remember when he was confronting Buffy about her relationship with Riley he said he could see it all plainly in front of his "Xander face." And, oh, jeez, Willow and Anya. A couple episodes back when Willow, Anya, and Tara got in a fight, I came very near to throwing up. This show that's purportedly an unprecedented empowerment for women had a long scene of three of its female leads firing unbelievably stupid statements at each other with breathy voices and glassy eyes. Signifying line from Anya, "Xander, Giles left me in charge, tell her." The only thing that could redeem this scene is bamboo canes from offstage hooking everyone's necks and whisking them away.

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