Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gift Wrapped Grey Matter

I found this through someone I'm following on Twitter (BoMoh);

I have to say I frequently find comments posted on YouTube videos very intriguing. Recently this old video of Bill O'Reilly talking to footage of a kid dressed as a zombie for Halloween who only says, "I like turtles" came up on my recommended viewing. I was fascinated by this comment from someone called "writerinboulder";

You people are really this stupid? IT'S FAKED, MORONS! YOU CAN HEAR THE VOICE OF THE WOMAN HE'S INTERVIEWING IN THE BACKGROUND!!! I hate Bill O'Rielly as much as the next person, but you idiots are making Democrats look like morons by buying this shit.

Jesus fuck, read a book once in a while. Too much youtube rots your brain!

This in response to a couple people obviously very ironically wondering if the video's fake. I'd say draw your own conclusions, but I'm starting to feel like most people can't.

I watched part of Countdown with Keith Olbermann during lunch and saw his commentary on the flagrant demonstrations of racism by Obama's detractors and the rather ominous downplaying of that racism by top Republicans. Apparently Jimmy Carter said Congressman Joe Wilson's now infamous outburst during Obama's speech was racist--the other day, Howard Stern was talking about how the fact that Obama's speech couldn't be played in many schools because of parents complaining was racist. I'd have to agree, and I'm not sure which item is worse.

But during Countdown, I saw a commercial for British Petroleum that used a variety of supposed "on the street" opinions to promote a positive viewpoint on the prospect of offshore drilling. And it occurred to me that this country relies on people being stupid. The right-wing, which is supposedly about the power of the individual, is more about the few individuals who can make killings from swindling large numbers of people.

Which got me thinking about Lady Gaga. Kevin Murphy encapsulated her rather well in this RiffTrax post from last year. But somehow she's still around--I've heard more than a few people express words of unequivocal worship. All I can really see in her is the curiously pure vapidity of her lyrics. There's a sort of hardwired resistance to layers--it's utter superficiality presented as revelation. The chorus of the song "Paparazzi";

I'm your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you love me
Baby there's no other superstar
You know that I'll be your

I guess it's not surprising so many people seem utterly incapable of detecting irony. It's like whenever I see Oprah--her stories are always thickly coated with sappy music to make absolutely, positively sure you feel the right emotion. How we're going to avoid entropy through stupidity is beyond me.

My own gems from last night;

Let's see if I can walk with this much mead.
My balance remains irrepressible.
I have fewer tomatoes than I need.
My tea kettle's almost combustible.

I wrote that after finishing half a bottle of mead, yet still I easily I pwn the Lady Gaga. Though I'm guessing it's not out of line to suggest she may be under the influence of something chemical herself. Or maybe she expends all her energy on her abs.

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