Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swim or Die Until You Die

Last night I dreamt there was a white kitten in the backyard, maybe a young Snow. When I went outside, I found he'd killed a large opossum and enormous vampire bat.

My tweets from last night;

Nothing's so deep fried you can't add cream cheese.
Guess these are cranberries in this muffin.
To love's kingdom, civil junk food's the keys.
I'm clumsy to-night as a deaf dolphin.

I had some cream cheese stuffed rangoons from a Chinese place last night. I've had few things that seemed as extravagantly bad for me. Next door, I was given a free muffin at Starbucks. I probably oughta be eating nothing but oatmeal and cous cous for the rest of the week.

I feel a lot better than yesterday, and I think my mild illness might have been brought on by some apples I bought last week. I bit into one yesterday and found the inside had a distinctly red, bloody tinge. I kept thinking of the line from Tideland; "Sinister apples."

On the subject of depressing statements made by people who think they're making positive statements;

While eating lunch to-day, I had the television on a documentary about sharks on The Discovery Channel. A commercial came on that began with a child holding a baseball and a bat. "I'm the greatest hitter in the world!" said the kid, and proceeded to throw the ball up into the air several times, missing each time. Finally, he concluded, "Wow! I'm the greatest pitcher in the world!" and a caption came up that said, "Optimism," the point of the commercial having been that optimism is it's own reward.

Then the shark show came back, and a guy was talking about how sharks have been around for millions of years, and their techniques as hunters are well-honed. Of course, he added, there used to be various bizarre looking sharks that went extinct while evolution was still ironing out the kinks. And I'm sure he meant this to be a positive statement about sharks as a species, but I couldn't help thinking about those "bizarre" sharks, who went their whole lives being incomplete, with no opportunity to advance.

Zetsubo. Zetsubo shita.

Someone tried to call me to-day on my old phone--my phone won't tell me who because I no longer have any minutes on it. If anyone wants my new number, e-mail me-- setsuled (at)

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