Saturday, September 26, 2009

Perfecting Dolls

Last night's tweets;

My arrabbiata's nude of noodles.
Garlic's the goal of the noblest searches.
Sweetly physical are the heart's doodles.
Strange women smoke in the biggest churches.

Oof. Bad headache to-day. I don't think I had enough caffeine yesterday because I barely slept for the fact that my head felt like it was shrinking every few minutes. I stayed in bed until 3pm, but still crawled out feeling oh so shitty. Must press on . . .

In Second Life last night, Toubanua gothed it up at Edelweiss' absolutely amazing recreation of Mount Saint Michel;

I found myself noticing how odd Toubanua looked last night compared to everyone else. This is a pretty typical look in SL;

No-one seems to feel funny about having Michael Jackson noses in Second Life. Which really brings home the reality that Jackson wasn't so strange, just in a peculiar position. I have a feeling Toubanua's pretty unnattractive by the standards of most SL people for her actually larger than average nose. What is this aesthetic humanity's moving towards? If it weren't for the huge lips, I'd say it's all about easing into people just having fleshless skulls.

Give me Barbara Stanwyck and Audrey Hepburn.

Instead of Buffy the Vampire Slayer last night, I watched the season premiere of Dollhouse. Very nice. I especially liked Whiskey/Dr. Saunder's business with Topher. It reminded me of Roy Batty with Tyrell except Tohper's a little more sympathetic. It was a good exploration of the possible psychological implications of living and working alongside the person who created you--her attempts to guess Topher's intentions with her by reverse deduction using her own personality as clues was great. The very human network of excuses she tells herself to prevent her from leaving the dollhouse had great resonance. This was some of the best writing in Joss Whedon's career.

At Tim's house last night, I watched a bunch of production diaries for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the upcoming Star Wars MMORPG. On the one hand, I love BioWare's attention to dialogue and player interaction through dialogue. I think it might add the story element that's sorely lacking in MMORPGs to-day. On the other hand, I wish the dialogue trees were written by people with a better grasp on human nature. An example Tim and I watched of someone getting dark side points for killing a guy where he wouldn't have gotten dark side points for not killing him and using him to kill lots more people was sadly indicative of something too common in computer RPGs--it's not really a simulation of human interaction, it's a puzzle box dressed as human interaction. But I can't help feeling a system like this could be used to tell stories about characters.

There just needs to be more imaginative people at the helm. I noticed nearly all the male characters sounded like Clint Eastwood and all the female characters sounded like phone sex operators. Not to mention it features more of the intensely loud, silly, and ugly wardrobe designs of the Knights of the Old Republic series.

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