Friday, September 04, 2009

The Underrated Virtues

I'm really digging Senator Al Franken, I have to say. I actually like that he's downplaying his comedian past and sounds both humble and inexhaustibly knowledgeable whenever he talks. Yet he still isn't afraid to stick it to T. Boone Pickens while the other Democrats blissfully schmoozed with the billionaire.

And then, a couple days ago, Franken actually went and reasoned with a mob of tea baggers who had been screaming outside his booth at the Minnesota State Fair;

Wow. This guy oughta be president. An independent minded politician who's not a misanthrope? Too, too rare. Here's the unexpected benefit of a comedian turned senator--he's used to hecklers, who can be a lot more vicious than political protestors tend to be nowadays.

All day yesterday was spent on my comic, from when I finished breakfast at 3:30 until I finished uploading it some time after 2am. To-day I realised I'd forgotten the scar on Wircelia's left shoulder and re-uploaded one page--you can see the new and improved chapter 33 here.

My tweets last night;

French fry effects sometimes precede the meal.
I find vegetables almost everywhere.
With endless organisms some can't deal.
There are always Smurfs floating in the air.

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