Thursday, September 10, 2009

Medicinal Whiskey

Last night's spider in my bathroom;

Music's by Nina Rota from The Godfather soundtrack.

Last night's tweets;

Health's a luxury in America.
So's always taking a taxi to lunch.
Girl once knew her name was Veronica.
Alas, scientific progress goes "crunch".

I think just about everyone was disappointed by Obama's speech. It's kind of what I figured would happen--in trying to please everyone, he's disappointed everyone. Well, it sounds like he's got one or two new ideas, maybe they'll work out. I have a feeling this going to be patching a tire with a slice of American cheese, though.

I watched "Crush" last night, the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Buffy finds out Spike has a crush on her. It was a little better than I remembered it and it has one of my favourite exchanges;

Spike offers Buffy a flask.


SPIKE: It's not blood, it's bourbon.


There's a little bit of unintentional humour in the episode--like when Buffy doesn't pursue a couple vampires because they happened not to be the specific vampires she was looking for, or from the very fact that the episode seems to be about a guy getting soundly rebuffed for the entitlement to affection he seems to feel (which Spike didn't seem to exhibit before, by the way) and the whole time I know he and Buffy are going to be fuck buddies a few episodes down the road. The dialogue between Spike, Buffy, and Drusilla was good, though it got stretched a bit much to hit the kind of nice metaphor of Willow's spell banning Spike from the Summers' house.

Of course, I can't help feeling Spike's actually too good for Buffy (or "Spoike", as Dru calls him). But both the Buffy/Riley and Buffy/Angel relationships had kind of a "star quarterback with head cheerleader" feel--they feel hallowed and endorsed by some invisible observing culture, but there doesn't actually appear to be any chemistry. Which maybe is partly why the episode where Buffy and Riley break up works so well for me.

I think a great pair up would be Spike and Faith, actually, although it might retread the "lust from violence" theme until the tires were bald, but it'd be marvellously sexy.

That's two tire metaphors, folks. You're welcome.

Seebrirun and I have been having a spirited discussion about Blade Runner since last night here.

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