Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Need More Caffeine

Last night's tweets;

Warily translate overheard statements.
The thin woman lives in a secret well.
Allen Ginsberg hears from under pavements.
Much to authority shall tea stalks tell.

I went to Mitsuwa, the Japanese market, yesterday and bought some kind of apple flavoured green tea. The bags are those cool, balloon kinds were you can see the big leaves and, in this case, apple matter instead of just mulch grain you see in the standard 2D teabag. It was decent tea, not nearly as sweet as I thought it was going to be.

I had no energy whatsoever yesterday for some reason. I drew and inked a page of comic rather late in the day after running a few errands and then just could not rouse myself sufficiently to colour. I ate dinner early, watching the two hour premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's sixth season. Much better than the season finale of the fifth season with kamikaze Buffy which didn't work plotwise, though I presume Whedon thought it worked thematically somehow. I haven't put it together myself.

The first episode of the sixth season, though, holds together a lot better than I remember--Buffy's perspective immediately upon being resurrected was interesting, and Willow's at her absolute best, not only in terms of how she's written, but she's light years from her terrible season four Robin Williams-esque wardrobe. She wore a black and dark plum dress last night I particularly liked.

The word "avoidy" was used a couple times in the episode, in true Whedony fashion, and I found myself wondering if Sarah Palin's a big Buffy fan--she has a daughter named Willow and she infamously coined the term "Mavericky".

Sorry if I put a piece of tin foil in your teeth, Buffkateers.

I found myself watching a 1989 Barbara Walters interview with Audrey Hepburn on YouTube just before I went to sleep. It's interesting how Walters already looked 80 and Hepburn looked so incredibly vibrant just a few years before she died.

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