Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wolves Drink Free in Old Worlds

Last night's tweets;

The Nordic werewolf missed his appointment.
Beware the mountains with tiled textures.
Vary the grains in your each allotment.
Wicker men reward productive mixtures.

At Tim's recently, I've been playing with a mod for Oblivion that converts all the locations in Morrowind and puts them in Oblivion. It works surprisingly well, though most of the quests don't function. It's still neat to see Vvardenfell with Oblivion's far greater viewing distance. I was even able to see Vvardenfell from Solstheim, where I was disappointed to find no werewolves in residence. I went to the eastern cave, where the big Nord werewolf is usually my go-to lycanthrope when I want to join the lupus club, but no dice. It's too bad, because the Morrowind werewolf was really fucking cool, even though it was possible to level your character to a point where he or she was more powerful than the wolf form. It was still always faster, and had personality--going down on all fours to run, and causing townspeople to flee in terror when you zipped into their midst.

Off to a really sluggish start on the new Venia's Travels chapter. What I thought was an abnormally bad hangover yesterday seems to be a mild sickness to-day--mainly an upset stomach and general lethargy. I can't think of anything appetising and yet I'm always hungry. If this is the fault somehow of the Wild Turkey I had on Thursday night, I don't mind. Every now and then, booze really, really hits the spot.

I need to get some mead, I've been in the mood forever. Though the tea kettle I use to heat it and sake when I have it is starting to smell funky, as much as I wash it out. More like sake than mead--I know you're supposed to heat sake in the tokkuri in a pot of boiling water, but that takes forever.

Anyway, it'll probably be a while until my stomach feels like alcohol again. I tried Guinness for the first time earlier in the week and thought it tasted like water, which I guess makes it my favourite beer so far, given all the others have tasted like piss to me. Still need to try hard cider, as a number of people, all of them pretty girls, have recommended to me.

I've finished one page of the new chapter and pencilled an additional two, so I guess I won't feel too guilty about just going over to Tim's again to-night . . .

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