Monday, August 03, 2009

Arrangements in the Visible Spectrum

Twitter Sonnet #46

There are two upcoming movies called "Nine"
I predict the Rob Marshall one will suck.
Everything would be about "ten" in mine.
Show audiences you don't give a fuck.
Sometimes when I'm drunk I tend to wonder
Why the music stops when I close Winamp.
Lily mailboxes are filled with plunder.
And every word is dramatically damp.
I've senselessly delayed all to-day's meals.
Taking Pac-Man's path is to have plenty.
On such screwed and strenuous routes one heals.
The hardest of small candies are runty.
Ponderous pandas put the "pan" in bread.
And fake fruit kills lousy woodland toons dead.

To-day's the second in what promises to be a whole week of extremely busy days. I feel like I'm walking around with a precariously tall stack of plates with the dread that someone's going to add ten more at any moment.

With breakfast this morning I watched the first episode of a new anime series Tim recommended to me called Canaan.

I'm impressed, I must say. It seems to be action/adventure/crime/espionage but without the boring colour palette of shows like Ghost in the Shell and the ungainly mix of cell animation with cgi. Instead, this is a colourful, complicated world almost as rich as the locations depicted in Cowboy Bebop, and there were some great sensual moments in the first episode--a couple kids playing in a pool of blood before noticing the dead man it came from and still not registering it, a photographer doodling a third eye on his colleague's forehead during a plane flight, a kid winning a stuffed animal at a carnival with a mysterious bullet hole in its forehead.

I especially liked a bit where a girl has her arms tied behind her back with an easily breakable red string on her fingers by another girl who might be her past lover. That the bound girl refrains from breaking the string despite possibly being in the midst of a life-threatening crisis gives the bit a subtle S&M quality with a sweet reference to the Chinese "red string of fate".

And there's a recurring theme in the episode of people seeing, but being unable to acknowledge, what's in front of them. And on top of all this, it's fun in a vaguely Indiana Jones way.

Apparently it's based on a visual novel, and while there seems to be some suggestion of yuri themes and imagery in the show, I must confess I didn't realise visual novels had ventured outside the realms of porn and fluff romance. I guess it might be worth checking out some of Kinoko Nasu's works in the medium. Next time I have that kind of time.

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