Friday, August 21, 2009

Corrected Vision Makes the Familiar Strange

I just took a picture of myself for a conversation I was having with Chris Walsh about hats. I realised I hadn't shown off my new glasses yet;

The picture also makes my nose pointier than it actually is, making me look a bit like The Shadow;

It occurs to me Kakeshya's look may've been unconsciously inspired by The Shadow (remember, there's a new chapter online of Venia's Travels).

Twitter Sonnet #52

From killing satyrs to colouring clouds,
There's always something to do before sleep.
The local ghosts are demanding more shrouds.
Ethereal beans through tortillas seep.
There's always a forest lying in wait.
Headlights turn Alice's hair to bright fog.
Some video records preview man's fate.
The channel needs a serviceable cog.
Some people won't stand for food division.
The registers here close for ten minutes.
My mint addiction is in remission.
I dreamt that I knew nothing of walnuts.
Snack agendas can take the subconscious.
To the doom of many starship launches.

I really did have a dream where I found myself discovering walnuts. First through walnut butter--like peanut butter, but from walnuts. I have no idea if they really make the stuff (oh, they do). But in my dream, I investigated backwards until the trail led me to the nut originally behind the strange butter.

Feeling very low energy to-day. Maybe the dreams a sign I need more protein. At least there's nothing scheduled for me to-day that requires a lot of concentration. I am very much looking forward to seeing Inglourious Basterds.

I'm so glad Jon Stewart's on his game;

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