Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rhymes and Syrups

Twitter Sonnet #49

The wrong road is contained in the right one.
Although all paths will lead to Morrissey.
Or the cliffs of Dover with Irene Dunne.
Nothing of which would Gloucester ever see.
Apple Jacks taste how apples used to taste.
Otherwise the old flavour's a huge secret.
Surprise cereals win the world with paste.
Candy ooze gurgles from the grand trumpet.
Mrs. Butterworth is not fan service.
Indecision across pancakes trickles.
My scales hold gin and coffee in office.
I drew some cool motherfucking circles.
I've the unspoken orange juice hangover.
Hello, yon Moon-Eyed Demon of Dover.

Someone tweeting as Mrs. Butterworth now seems to be following me on Twitter . . .

Last night I tried mixing gin with orange juice. Man, Snoop Dogg was right.

And there's an important message in those lyrics--"laid back". Is it just me, or do people seem inordinately angry nowadays? I was playing World of Warcraft a few weeks ago and some asshole started going nuts on the general chat just because he hadn't been to Stranglethorn before and couldn't find the Horde city. The fact that some monsters were ten levels above him seemed to piss him off, too.

World of Warcraft should be a time for chillin', people. Relax.

It's worse among the Alliance players, though. I've been levelling up my human rogue lately--Tim'd told me Horde players generally are nicer and more level headed than Alliance players, but I didn't realise how right he was until the other night when I saw an argument in general chat between people calling each other children and each side was insisting the other had committed ban-worthy offences. I don't even know what had started the argument.

Of course, I was drinking Bombay Sapphire and Snoop Dogg seems to prefer Tanqueray and Seagrams. I kind of don't want to mix the Bombay Sapphire with anything, either, since it's so smooth.

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