Friday, August 28, 2009

Finding the Summer Frost

My tweets last night;

Malls are haunted by con ghosts of commerce.
I crawled there from ocean society.
My phone instincts have only gotten worse.
But I've kicked telegram anxiety.

Which is to say, I got a blackberry yesterday. I feel sort of like I got fleeced, and it put me in a bad mood. At least I was able to get online to-day and switch my plan from a hundred dollars a month to seventy dollars a month. And Morrissey on my mp3 alarm clock put me in a good mood. But I'm still not sure I'm happy about this thing.

I was also in Ocean Beach yesterday, where I stopped in at the Rite Aid where I worked for three months several years ago. There was no one there I recognised, and it was eerie being in the place and getting rung up by someone using a register I know I used to know how to use but have absolutely no idea about it now. It's amazing how completely my memory on that got wiped. I remembered learning it very quickly.

Mainly I remember working in the freezer to stock ice cream. I used to have to bring my leather bomber jacket to work every day in the middle of summer.

I finally got to drawing yesterday on the new Chapter. It was the happiest I'd felt in days. More and more, it seems to me when I'm immersed in drawing it's the truest thing in the world. So I might as well get back at it now . . .

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