Monday, August 24, 2009

Quality Webbing

Here's some footage of one of the big orange spiders that are again constructing massive webs throughout the neighbourhood;

Music is The Pogues doing their rendition of "Star of the County Down".

Still feeling a bit groggy, four and a half hours after waking up and drinking a pot of extra bold coffee. It can't be a hangover--I didn't drink anything last night after the scotch, figuring I'd had enough alcohol for the day, which led to an abnormally sober session of World of Warcraft after I watched Yojimbo again. I think I've crammed enough frivolity and art appreciation into the last couple days, I think I'll feel okay getting to work on the next chapter of my comic to-day.

On Saturday night, I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High, a movie I'd somehow expected to be much better than it actually was. Sean Penn's character could easily have been a lot more fun if he simply never learned his lesson by the end of the movie. The abortion sequence was kind of banal and awkward, despite the fact that Jennifer Jason Leigh turned in what was easily the film's best performance, and actually came off far sexier than Phoebe Cates.

Mainly, the movie felt like a series of character studies that not only felt unfinished, but barely even begun. Damone seems cool, turns out to be a jerk, and . . . so what. The shy lead guy cockblocks the viewer in his first makeout scene with Jennifer Jason Leigh and has no arc, neither overcoming or learning to accept his shyness or even exploring in any way its nature. I couldn't even get a bead on Judge Reinhold's character--I feel like I know Moltar on Space Ghost, Coast to Coast better. It didn't help that none of the teenage characters were played by anyone who looked like a teenager, particularly not the guy playing Damone. They didn't even seem to be written as teenagers, it was like watching a half-written movie about people in their 20s attending high school.

Twitter Sonnet #53

Somewhere in my headache a brain yet lives.
No amount of cola beats a coffee.
Good cinema's carved with very big knives.
Crocodiles are big, slow and daffy.
Most dwarves have way too much time on their hands.
At least I can always rely on them.
One day I will conquer all English lands.
And have a different tea for every limb.
Spiders instruct thieves with physical pain.
Empty boxes can only teach so much.
Sprites and dragons flit dimly through the rain.
Yakuza wars require a light touch.
Coffee's the thing that creates human souls.
With it, oatmeal spackles in from your bowls.

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