Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pickled Chaos

I see pictures are circulating of the Dawn Treader from the Narnia movie of the same name. Actually looks pretty much the way I always imagined it--and pretty close to the illustrations. But there were a lot of great sets, costumes, and props in the first movie (I never saw the second). Hopefully now that someone besides Andrew Adamson's directing, we'll have a Narnia movie worth seeing. Of course, there's every possibility it'll still suck, though I actually see the vastly reduced budget as potentially a good thing as perhaps it might force a filmmaker to try to create suspense and tension with pure composition, lighting, and lots of the mysterious unseen. Do I even have to point out C.S. Lewis' printed word succeeds far better at creature-making than the films' cgi?

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader's such a great fucking book, a good movie out of it would be a really nice surprise.

My tweets last night;

Old machine mouths would speak to new elf ears.
Anarchy's safely looked at online now.
Detective mice smoke their pipes on the gears.
They cannot conceive of skinning a cow.

My sister sent me a link to photos from BlizzCon in which she's featured--she's the blonde girl on the left in the third to last picture and she's in the last picture on that page. Apparently the price of admission is 125 dollars for both days. Which seems absurd when Comic-Con costs only 75 dollars for four days and there isn't, strictly speaking, anything at BlizzCon. If you spend a hundred twenty five dollars to play shuffleboard and get autographs from the booth girls, something's wrong. There was the Ozzy Osbourne concert, I suppose.

I was struck by this crowd shot where you can see one guy's wearing a Dark Knight Joker t-shirt. And it seemed to me a nice indicator of the sort of counterfeit freedom many World of Warcraft players subscribe to. Here's an emblem of chaos and anarchy, but it's hard to imagine this guy jay-walking. It's easier to think of the world as truly a chaotic free for all when your world is contained on the internet.

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