Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Mysterious Kinks of Incessant Background Prettiness

Twitter Sonnet #48

To-day everyone skip school for John Hughes.
See that you drink quite enough tequila.
Forget your worries with alcohol fugues.
There is no true monster of the gila.
Robot doctors remain always virgins.
No matter how much sex they might have had.
Chotchke depths demand deft scuba surgeons.
Rotten food's just inedible, not bad.
Saturday's traffic's too fast or it's stopped.
Mexican malls are south and north of here.
But pizza is still everywhere it's sought.
Got bad reception on my palantir.
Ice sheets block visions of school in the glass.
So starved reflections populate the class.

Watched Eyes Wide Shut again the other night, for the first time in about a year and a half. It occurred to me watching that movie brings me back to the lazy, comfortable feeling of watching Christmas movies as a kid. Eyes Wide Shut is undeniably a Christmas movie--Christmas lights decorate backgrounds in nearly every shot. It gives the film a diffused, dreamy look, along with some very expressionistic lighting, most notably the bright blue used to simulate moonlight.

The beginning of the film, Ziegler's party, is especially intoxicating. I felt a little like I'd been drinking the champagne Nicole Kidman and the Hungarian with the long nose who reminds me of Herbert Marshall were getting drunk off of.

Anyway, I still stand by all of my 2007 analysis of the film.

To-day I watched the first episode of yet another Akiyuki Shinbo series, this one a shounen romantic comedy series called Bakemonogatari. No series is quite as perfect a fit for Shinbo as Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, where the disjointed beautiful imagery perfectly accompanies the anti-verisimilitude of the show's insubstantial settings and circumstances, which constantly shift about to illustrate the social commentary by the characters. But Bakemonogatari is interesting, and beauty's always worth something. Pondering the path of the writer's musings in creating the story, I wonder if it began with him thinking to himself, "What if the prettiest girl in my class suddenly stuck an exacto knife and a stapler in my mouth?" The Japanese have the best perversions in the world.

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