Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Strange, Murky Spaces

Twitter has been strange to follow since yesterday. The immediacy of the format conveys a sense of people's reactions not just in what they're saying but the speed of it, the nervous mix of trying to sound wise and comforting and then getting defensive in reply to criticism. Early on, Richard Roeper was passing on information and then was defending his journalistic integrity for only sticking to eye witness accounts. Peter Fonda was calling for revenge; "or does pushing back make us weaker do we turn the other cheek? not me not now i will push back i will not turn the other cheek.i'll stop em." But who are you going to stop? We still don't even know who did this. Which, I think, adds to the frenzy of people struggling for a foothold of meaning in this. Knowing who did it of course wouldn't make it better, but I think there's an instinctual compulsion to find a comprehensible chain of events when the chaos of the situation is so brutal.

I don't really want to criticise anyone's reaction, or reactions to criticism, for that reason. The feelings of uncertainty and despair behind the reactions are too apparent.

Anyway. On Sunday night I did go out and take pictures of the tadpoles.

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