Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bird Food

Here's a dove Tim and I saw at the mall yesterday in a nest on the sign for Shakey's Pizza.

And here's one of the two or three ravens I saw early on Friday getting the worms.

And I mean literally, for some reason there were earthworms wriggling up from the grass. Maybe it's because I'm not used to getting up early--worms actually do this? I actually got to school very early on Friday and so watched the ravens leisurely picking through their buffet. I wish I'd gotten more pictures.

I had French fries at the mall, not pizza. The best potato I'd had in weeks--for some reason all the grocery stores have been selling lately have been really disgusting, green, sprouting potatoes. Last night I made turnip fries which turned out rather delicious.

Twitter Sonnet #608

Frost gathers on a spider basket now.
No city told how the wan bak'ry broke.
Thin blankets hid the big camouflaged plough.
One midnight will relent the final stroke.
Hard headphone shells pinned to the bow draw blood.
Slim afterburn cables pinch the broke cloud.
Shoots infiltrate the neighbouring stock bud.
Old peelers squeak and scratch the turnip shroud.
A cesspool stenography course taught scratch.
Free flowers for the yakuza soon slept.
Another cop sleeps by a pumpkin patch.
A popsicle key goes where guns are kept.
Clean postcards of disaster slide through gold.
Tears vaporised fall as vague stories told.

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