Friday, March 28, 2014

Gorillas and Tortoises Contain Energy

I saw this snail at school yesterday wearing a blade of grass for a hat.

After school, I had to go to the zoo for a project on primates that was due in my anthropology class to-day. I had to write down my observations on the behaviours of three individuals of any primate species over the course of five minutes--and yes, the instructor remembered to specify that humans didn't count. I chose the gorillas.

There were two males and one female. This was the female. She came over the hill in the centre of the enclosure with her boyfriend and then sat munching leaves, watching the humans placidly, while the boyfriend, a big silverback, sat close to the glass, facing down the humans.

I swear this zebra was following me.

This ourang-outang seemed to love attention. She also rolled around on her back for the children.

Here's a leaping wolf's guenon:

But I think the most energetic animals I saw at the zoo were the turtles and tortoises. Relatively speaking. These cerro azul tortoises almost started to fight.

For some reason most of the sierra negra tortoises were clustered near the front of their enclosure.

Inside the reptile house, I had a better view of the alligator snapping turtle than I had last time I was there.

My hand for scale.

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