Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Exciting Radish

Saw this at the mall a few days ago. Sometimes the Make the Product Seem Orgasmic philosophy in advertising is just awkward. Okay, always.

I saw a young woman actually bend over backwards, over a chair, a couple days ago in front of me at a Mexican restaurant. She quietly looked at me upside down before sitting up and kissing her boyfriend on the cheek. I think he missed the whole thing.

It was the douchiest, hipsteriest Mexican restaurant I've ever been in. It was near Bird Rock--where I saw the pelicans a couple weeks ago. It was low tide so a bunch of people were out at the rock scaring the pelicans away. Some asshole even brought his dog. Anyway, I didn't get any good pictures.

Here's a picture of my latest radish, though:

This was one of the medium sized ones. I peeled it and chopped it into segments which I've stored in baggies in the refrigerator. I felt like I was dismembering a corpse for the mob.

Still experimenting with different ways of cooking daikon. Last night I fried daikon chips:

Daikon on the right, fried potato on the top. I fried the daikon in canola oil and added paprika when it was done. It was good, better than the potatoes, actually. Like hot, mild, orange pieces.

The potatoes had paprika and chilli powder, the broccoli was steamed, and that's a Trader Joes veggie burger with a slice of provolone on whole wheat bun.

The night before, I steamed the daikon with the broccoli:

I added extra virgin olive oil to the daikon and it absorbed it really nicely. It was a little better than the fried daikon but I should have chopped them in smaller pieces. I have tried roasting daikon but I didn't get a picture--I just added ground ginger to it on that occasion, which was good, but I may try it again with olive oil instead.

Here's the mouse pad I bought at the Japanese market, orbited by one of my David Lynch coasters:

Twitter Sonnet #604

Pink lemonade soaks moon-made mould in tin.
A smile hovered above the beat tub.
The rolling skull thinks only how to win.
Real voices are blotted by bleeding dub.
The empty rock draws the hipster's black dog.
Low tide revealed a drowned bishop and knight.
A naked king fell from a driftwood log.
Pelican noise soon obscured all from sight.
The blackened tops of sixty foot grass blades.
The solemn patties of shredded meat god.
Blameless books broke on illiterate spades.
A family lives in an electric pod.
Disney chops tiny braids from mice for pads.
Noodles dried on blood stained rocks came from dads.

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