Monday, March 03, 2014

Elder Frenzy

Well, I didn't make it to level 10. If I'd been a little more committed, maybe I could have. Maybe when I was younger. It's hard for even a game I like to hold my attention for more than a few hours nowadays. But this was the nicest MMORPG I ever played largely because it had a lot in common with Bethesda's single player RPGs.

This is my Nord character, Sichilde. I'd wanted to name her Kriemhild but the name was taken. Considering I only had her for one day I guess it doesn't really matter. But Sichilde was the name of an ancient Queen and I used it for a World of Warcraft character.

Even on a short term beta event where the objective ought to have been to see as many of the game's features as quickly as possible I was still compelled to explore and linger in areas. The hallmark of a Bethesda game is the great sandbox, landscapes that present endless variability with new caves, tombs, and forts to explore that aren't necessarily part of the main quest.

I got sidetracked by one cave where the ghost of a spy turned people into vases and candles and other objects. There was nothing in the game's writing that equalled The Secret World but this bit was kind of funny. Although there are side quests in The Secret World, though, there's nothing like the complex tangents a Bethesda game can lead you on. I played Morrowind for years and I bet there are still unique places in that game I haven't seen.

Speaking of Morrowind, the second starter area for the Ebonheart Pact faction takes place in Morrowind, the landscape looking like a more graphically advanced version of the landscape from the twelve year old game.


I loved what looked like rice fields. I love how the Elder Scrolls games tend to have farms and farmers in them going about their business.

The elven architecture was pretty, looking vaguely Asian while also reminding me of Morrowind's expansion pack, Tribunal.

Before going to Morrowind, my character started in Skyrim which, in terms of graphics quality, looked about identical to the recent single player game of the same name.

So I'm actually tempted to buy this game. If only it weren't for the subscription fee.

Anyway, here are some photos of the seagulls and some of the things that washed up after the storm.

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