Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Magic is Barley

Tim spotted this doorway outside the Macy's when he and I were at the mall yesterday. Doesn't it conjure the optimism and wonder of working in retail? It looks more like, "To-day, the magic will swallow me."

In the evening, I went to my parents' house and had dinner with them and my sister. They were having some kind of beef thing so I got the vegetarian plate from the nearby Greek restaurant and drank Jameson while we watched The Quiet Man.

I had three glasses of Jameson--not full glasses, I'd say 1.5 fluid ounces each, or one "jigger", a term I just learned from Nutrition Value.org, a site I need to use for my health class homework. One of the few interesting things to come out of the class.

Looks like I consumed 45.3 grams of alcohol last night. Except Jameson's 80 proof, not 86 proof like the only example of "whiskey" on the web site. Considering Bourbon whiskey is made from corn and Irish and Scotch whisky are made from barley you'd think that would make some difference in nutrition information.

Anyway, no fat or cholesterol from "whiskey", so that's nice.

Though in class to-day the teacher told everyone that alcohol is addictive. Did you know that? She also told us addiction, physical and psychological, was characterised by compulsive consumption. This class. If I were to liken an alcohol to water percentage to a interesting information to common knowledge percentage I'd say this class is about 95% water.

Here's a bee I saw at school this morning:

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