Wednesday, April 24, 2019

My Biomechanoid Ship's Got a Secret

D'Argo and Moya are both compelled to divulge secrets in an episode of Farscape in which the crew scramble to figure out why the ship has suddenly turned against them. And, alas, Crichton is once again propelled by circumstance into physical intimacy with Aeryn.

Episode 10: They've Got a Secret

Looking for hidden pieces of Peacekeeper technology aboard the ship that might one day be used against them, D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe) accidentally sets off an explosion, sending him tumbling out into space. So we learn a few things that will be important later in the series; Luxans can survive a while without protection in space, and D'Argo's got a son named Jothi.

In fact, we learn, as was hinted at earlier, that his crime goes further than what he divulged in the pilot episode. As we know from the fact that Aeryn (Claudia Black) was expelled from the Peacekeepers on the grounds of being "contaminated" by prolonged exposure to alien cultures, the Peacekeepers aren't the most inclusive bunch, so D'Argo's wife being a Sebacean would have itself been counted as crime. This casts a new light on D'Argo's recurrent insistence on his identity as a Luxan.

We learn all this because the accident somehow causes D'Argo to mistake his shipmates for people from his past--he somehow thinks Zhaan (Virginia Hey) is his wife and Rygel (Jonathan Hardy), hilariously, looks like his little son. We never learn what caused D'Argo's madness but it doesn't seem to be related to the main problem the crew tackles; Moya's sudden treachery.

Crichton (Ben Browder) delicately attends to Aeryn's hand after it'd been glued to the floor by a DRD, one of the robotic helpers that roam the ship (he helps her wash the hand afterwards, naturally). The same problem also knocks out Pilot (Lani Tupu) and Aeryn is forced to fill in, suggesting she retains some abilities from when her DNA was spliced with Pilot's in "DNA Mad Scientist". Somehow it's always fun seeing Aeryn put upon but she seems to make do, slapping down the huge buttons on Pilot's control panel.

All in all, not one of the most exciting episodes of the series but it serves as a vital link. Director Ian Watson comes up with some nice compositions, though.

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