Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I know there are people out there who'd enjoy the sort of story last night's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was and, you know, I just wish them all the best, I really do. As for me, it felt like almost a complete waste of time. Where last week's John Enbom script felt like it could barely be contained by one hour, Natalie Chaidez's script felt like she couldn't believe she had to keep writing this. The episode dragged its feet the whole way, grudgingly squeezing out developments. Here's what we learned;

-Cameron or the writers or both forgot we already learned what the three dots meant, or the writers don't care and are going to milk it anyway.

-If you have short hair, it means you're a man.

-Sarah's life has been transformed by the whole Skynet/Terminator business. Well, okay, it's nice to touch base with that now and then, but I'd rather not have it coupled with

-Sarah's getting gullible and sloppy.

-Apparently Jesse's more of jerk when Natalie Chaidez writes her.

-Reilly's apparently supposed to keep Cameron and John apart. Yeah, she's doing a bang up job.

That was actually the plot thread that interested me the most, so, of course, it felt like only about a third of it was written. I love all the reaction shots of Cameron, and the beats before she says something. I like looking at her face and wondering, "Wow, what's she gonna say? It could be anything!" I don't think there's a single person watching the show right now who doesn't want to see more of Cameron. I think the main reason we're not seeing more of her is the writers are afraid of screwing up once they commit to something.

I rather like how we still don't know what Shirley Manson's supposed to be doing. I find the whole John Henry thing a little silly, though, especially now that God is involved.

I noticed, perusing imdb last night, that Lena Headey was fourteen years-old when Thomas Dekker was born. I guess Dekker's supposed to be playing John as fifteen on the show, which suggests Linda Hamilton, at age 28, was playing an eighteen year-old in the first Terminator film.

I'm not saying Lena Headey's miscast. I'm just saying Thomas Dekker's all wrong.

Not much else to say about yesterday, of course. I spent all night drawing, except when I went to the grocery store. Now I have more hummus and tea.

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