Friday, December 05, 2008

I think I've gotten enough sleep to-day and I woke up at bright and early 2pm. I got hardly anything done yesterday--I noticed I was losing consciousness whenever I rested my head on my hand for a moment at around 1am, so I decided to try to get to sleep insanely early. It worked for about two hours, then I woke at around 5am and didn't get back to sleep for hours. Irregular sleeping hours mess me up a little.

A couple people in my family have had strokes recently. This has gotten me a little paranoid--I've seen strokes really fuck up artists. It's like they have to relearn how to draw and some of them never come back from it. So I've redoubled my efforts to cut back on sodium recently. I've been worried about that because I've been so angry the past year or so. I've heard some guys just get angrier as they get older--I remember Jack Kerouac in, I think it was Maggie Cassady, talking about not understanding his grumpy high school football coach until he got older and found himself, "always in a rage". Certainly, Kerouac had plenty to be angry about, though.

Anyway, it seems like everything I look at at the store has at least 20% of the daily recommended amount of sodium for adults per serving, and a single serving is always less than you'd give a kitten. So I've mainly been relying on oatmeal and cous cous to make up for the massive intake I get from veggie ham and other things, but that's been kind of difficult lately since all the bowls are so soapy. I spent a full thirty minutes preparing my oatmeal this morning, and I had to rinse out a bowl full of oatmeal for the network of sudsy veins that formed in it.

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