Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's been raining almost non-stop for days now. Nights like this, I just want to play video games all night. But I can't--I have too many things to do.

The rain was coming down so hard that, even with my wipers at full blast, my windshield was still like a wall of gelatine. It's pretty out there, though. Reflections of red and yellow lights making glow worm reflections on the asphalt.

I went to Denny's and wrote the first five pages of Chapter 16. A couple women in a booth behind me were talking in Spanish until one of them suddenly said, "Ooooooouu--Ah!" in a perfect imitation of the succubus from World of Warcraft. I walked to CVS in the same parking lot to buy gift bags for Christmas presents, and outside the store a homeless man was sitting against the wall, projecting loud "Cooooooooooooooo"s out at the rain like a mutant dove. It won't be long until language is obsolete.

I see Keanu Reeves wants to do an American, live action version of Cowboy Bebop. Although this is a lot closer to being cast in an appropriate role than Reeves usually is, I think he'll still mostly manage to be impressive for his ability to create less of a presence on camera than a cartoon character. At least he kind of looks like Spike Spiegel, and it's hard to do worse than the used car salesman voice from the English dub. But Koichi Yamadera's performance in the original version was so nicely nuanced in a way Reeves can never be. Yamadera was quite good at sounding very low key but with just enough of an edge to hint at Spike's history and abilities.

I do like the idea of the movie being based only on the first episode of the series instead of trying to condense the whole twenty six episode series into two hours. They definitely need more of a tough guy to play Spike, though. Maybe Jason Statham. A young Clint Eastwood would be perfect.

Damn. It's hard to think of any guys who look like they might be in their late twenties nowadays who seem remotely manly. Not among guys I know nor among guys I know of. Hmm. Christian Bale would be pretty good, though he's all over the place lately.

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