Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Someone Help the Naked People in the Machines and Machinations

Grocery shopping a couple nights ago, at around 2am, I saw that the Ralph's in La Jolla had no human operated check-stands. Just six self-scan check-stands. For months, I watched the slow progression from one open human check-stand in the wee hours and a bunch of customers shy of the automated ones, to the point where everyone was using the automated ones. The only human employee was a woman sitting idle in a booth in case someone had a problem.

This is only in the La Jolla Ralph's, and La Jolla is one of the most expensive places to live around here, But, still, this seems like an interesting new twist in this country's poor atmosphere of employment.

I drew two pages last night, and listened to more of Christopher Lee reading The Children of Hurin while I inked. I'm at the section about Turin in Nargothrond. I still marvel at what an astoundingly luckless chap Turin is. He's so full of good and even reasonable intentions that almost invariably go to ill.

I didn't have time for much else yesterday. The maid was here which kind of put me off my routine and I felt sort of poorly aimed all day.

I haven't been too closely following the current conflict between Israel and Gaza, but I have to say I think Israel's probably doing the best thing it can. When a population is so ignorant and blinded by hatred that they elect a party bent on the destruction of a neighbouring country, what else can that neighbouring country do? But who knows who the people in Gaza could've been if they'd had a better shot at life.

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