Saturday, December 06, 2008

Slept in isolated episodes again to-day. Episode one, I dreamt I was in a band with a guy who looked like Jimi Hendrix playing bass. We were talking about how Angela Bowie was obsessed with her looks, and I somehow remembered David Bowie telling me about it in 1973 or so. Then, we (my band and I) were doing a military obstacle course in the middle of the desert. We needed to play a song and then cross a ravine via a bridge of neon coloured slinky hoops connected by cellophane. Kind of like the bridge to Magneto's cell in the X-Men movies, except the tubes were so small we had to wriggle through them like worms while the hoops cut into us.

At the other side, we talked about how for the most part we hardly played particularly well, except the Hendrix guy's guitar had sounded fantastic and he had to admit it was somehow thanks to Angela Bowie.

Episode two, after I'd lain awake for no less than four hours, I was with a bunch of soldiers setting up for a gun battle to be contained within a zoo enclosure which featured a concrete moat in the middle spanned by two logs to act as bridges. In charge of my team was a four inch high grey plastic egg filled with angry, pink, naked, muscular action figures wearing handkerchiefs over their faces like bank robbers. One of them wanted to participate in the battle, so I took him out of the egg and set him up with a little machine gun. But the battle never came as I spent the rest of the dream watching some animals across the moat. A black and white cat was stalking a big, fluffy grey bunny. I could tell the cat, which was half the bunny's size, really wasn't a threat to the bunny, but the bunny nonetheless emitted several "whoop"s of terror. Then I saw there was a baby rabbit, fresh from an egg in a small pit the adult bunny had made for a nest like some sort of reptile. There was a crushed egg, with a dead white baby that looked like Bomberman. Then, as I watched, another egg hatched and a cranky, soft, stark white baby hippopotamus emerged.

After all that talk about sodium yesterday, I had a pretty reckless yet very satisfying series of meals. The blog entry was actually cut short when I was invited by my family to join them at a sushi restaurant, where I had vegetable tempura and a vegetarian roll filled with spinach, cucumber, and avocado. I also had a bottle of hot sake, which was one of the most wonderful things to happen to me lately. Hot sake gets me toasted like nothing else, I think maybe because I drink it so fast. I'm the direct opposite of an angry drunk--on those rare occasions when alcohol works on me anymore, I just want to smile at everything.

After this, I came home and somehow drew a page. I had a pot of coffee and made myself a veggie ham with mayo, mustard, provolone and lettuce sandwich and took it and an apple over to Tim's house. Then I came back here, inked and coloured, and ended the day with hummus on a pita with lettuce and a bowl of saltless beans. I think that does roughly add up to a low sodium day.

To-day, I watched the tenth episode of His and Her Circumstances and it's one of my favourite episodes so far. I wish I could post the whole episode here, but it only seems to be on YouTube subtitled in Spanish. I'm noticing Spanish speaking audiences generally seem to have better taste in anime than English speaking audiences.

Anyway, here's one small impressive clip with English subtitles from near the end of the episode. Shibahime, the short blonde-ish girl, has just torn a picture of Miyazawa that Shibahime had just found in the wallet of Arima, Miyazawa's boyfriend and the guy Shibahime's had a crush on for years. Meanwhile, Miyazawa's female classmates are getting ready to apologise to her for giving her the silent treatment at the behest of the manipulative Izawa, the girl with long black hair;

That's so me, I have to say. Accruing sympathy and respect from others and then blowing it with sudden bad behaviour. I love this show.

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