Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Allure of Stomping a Thousand Koopas

Last night's tweets;

Miniature lambs meet a large cat's disdain.
Small animals must jump fences faster.
From livestock batteries sleep's not sustained.
Walking wool things serve a different master.

I wasn't surprised to hear on AICN that Terry Gilliam seems upset with Johnny Depp for leaving The Man Who Shot Don Quixote. Gilliam seemed a little resentful at Comic-Con that Depp, who had been at the Con that morning for Alice in Wonderland, didn't stay for the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus panel. I can't say I blame Gilliam, particularly as, having seen both films, I know Parnassus is about a million times better. Thinking back, it's really odd how Parnassus didn't seem to get much love or promotion. Sure, the three big stars came to pinch hit for Ledger, but after that, it was barely promoted and hardly stayed in theatres long. My friend went to see it two weeks after it came out and the woman at the theatre explained to him the movie'd already been cycled out, contrary to posted movie times. Heath Ledger's last film, and it tanked.

So now that Gilliam's got Ewan McGregor for Quixote, it seems like the kiss of death on an exhumed corpse. If Gilliam couldn't make money with Heath Ledger's last film, how's he supposed to do it with Ewan McGregor who really hasn't been a hot item in a long time? And he thought he had trouble getting funding the first time he tried to make this movie. It makes me angry at this fucking world--Terry Gilliam's one of the very best directors out there, but mediocrity drowns him out. And Johnny Depp's too busy making shitty blockbusters now.

That said, I do still like Ewan McGregor. Maybe he's Johnny Depp ten years from now; former Indie film darling who makes millions off blockbusters suddenly, goes back to the quality films as the blockbusters dry up.

Anyway, I'd better get back to my comic . . .

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