Friday, May 21, 2010

The Good Lake

Last night's tweets;

Cold coffee might yet think it's warm for you.
Blue night clouds keep memories of raisins.
Bran cereal searches bowls for a clue.
Milk surface shows projections of treasons.

I suppose this won't come as a revelation to anyone, but Japanese porn is really weird. I was doing a torrent search for "ballet" and one of the first things to come up was "Nude Swan Lake." And I didn't actually assume this was porn, but a genuine artistic endeavour celebrating the beauty of the human body. Googling seemed to support the idea that there are such "nude ballets", though people discussing them on forums seem to have uniformly bad grammar.

Anyway, the idea in itself sounded just silly to me, and as I am a well known pervert, I guess that's saying something. But of course I had to see it.

The production I found in my initial search turned out to be by a Japanese group called Zenra, which is not a ballet troupe, but rather a group specialising in finding diverse activities for naked women. Such as cooking;

Or "water games";

Which turned out to be just a thirty minute video of queued naked women running across floating cubes in a swimming pool one by one in an effort to get across, which quickly becomes sort of asexual. It clearly exists for jerking off purposes, but it kind of misses the mark when it begins to simply be a reminder that it's only social convention that tells us that seeing naked bodies is an inherently sexual or shameful experience.

As for the ballet, it turns out to be neither good ballet or good porn, but working out to be some kind of fascinating third category of specimen. It's definitely not a pure artistic endeavour--for one thing, the people stop dancing at various points to have un-simulated sex. Most of the dancers seem to be really bad, except the lead ballerina who wears a mask at all times, and the impression I get is that she's supposed to be an actual well regarded ballerina hiding her identity in order to not damage her reputation. But it has kind of a pro-wrestling vibe about it, and I suspect there's just another curiously dedicated porn actress under the mask.

And, I mean, really, good or bad, these people obviously spent a lot of time practicing and they seem very earnest. It's all kind of adorable.

YouTube's policy against posting porn I guess doesn't apply here as looking at it one can't really say for sure it is porn. I guess this might ultimately be for people who want to watch porn without admitting to themselves they're the sorts of people who would watch porn.

I was amused by the list of related videos YouTube automatically spawned for the Zenra clips, which mainly seemed to include college experimental dance acts that made me feel more embarrassed for the clothed performers than I felt for the nude Zenra dancers. Particularly a group called tEEth. This video reminded me of the Dude's landlord in The Big Lebowsky;

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The preceding post was NSFW.

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