Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yoghurt Seaweed

Last night's tweets;

Lousy wine hair products flood the restroom.
Piggish coffee waits all day at the bar.
The whole world knows of your power mushroom.
Coelacanth mobs force you to be their Zsar.

I have seaweed stuck in my teeth. I went to Mitsuwa to-day to buy chopsticks and ended up going to the nearby sushi place for lunch, where they serve "mixed seaweed" as an appetiser. It was good, although I could've done without the vinegar and sesame seeds.

I managed to get up at 12:30 to-day, and enjoyed the extra time to finish up the newest Venia's Travels script and draw the rough versions of the pages. I wrote the last three pages of the script at a coffee shop located next to a Starbucks. The shop's called Intermezzo, closes at 4pm (I got there at 3:30), and serves really terrible flavoured coffee. But it looks kind of pretty. I really have no idea how it's stayed in business.

I went to get frozen yoghurt with my sister last night, who's a big aficionado of all the local frozen yoghurt places. The first place we went to, a new one called Yoghurt World, the woman inside told us the store was already closed, despite the fact that it was almost thirty minutes prior to the store's posted closing time of 7pm. I guess she didn't like our kind. "Your droids," I said to my sister. "We don't serve their kind, they'll have to wait outside." It's oddly comforting that I can still lapse into Star Wars quotes at halfway appropriate times.

We ended up going to another place nearby where I had a mixture of "New York Cheesecake" flavoured yoghurt with boysenberry while my sister had red velvet cake yoghurt sandwiched between to other kinds of cake yoghurt. One day, no cake shall be made in barbaric non-yoghurt form.

Here's a video of Charley the Cat from Tim's.

Music by Gyorgy Ligetti.

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