Monday, January 09, 2012

Double Moor

I knew the second episode of this season of Sherlock could never live up to the first. But "The Hounds of Baskerville" would've been bad next to just about anything. Well, I guess it's better than American television seems to be these days.

I'm not normally one to care a lot about plot, but it's not good when less than halfway through a Sherlock Holmes story the end solution is really obvious. One of the great things about Sherlock Holmes is he seems genuinely brilliant. Here he's smarter than most of the people onscreen but still running well behind the average viewer.

It was badly directed, too. This strange deep focus shot of Holmes in conversation with Watson in a pub after an encounter with a hound didn't serve the subject matter and threatened to cause headaches as it seems exactly like having one eye focused differently than the other. I think they probably used two cameras to achieve this, indeed focused differently, but it reminds me of how they used to do process shots to simulate focus deeper than technology allowed--Orson Welles did it effectively in Citizen Kane, but this Sherlock episode reminds me of William Wyler doing it rather awkwardly in The Children's Hour.

Then there was this shot, part of a set of shots used twice during the episode with Watson apparently having been digitally removed the second time;

All this I might forgive if the episode weren't a tired X-Files government experiments plot used to eclipse a classic Holmes story. This was bad.

Twitter Sonnet #342

Juice will seep up from the mass apple grave.
LCDs blankly reflect a tar pit.
Starfleet questions that which Bing Crosby gave.
Mayan iPads were only sixteen bit.
Urgent cheese buttons stink with aged alarm.
Why won't anyone answer twigs like phones?
All edible grass is locked in the barn.
Is it crass to refuse counterfeit loans?
Big warm sweater shipments drift to Pluto.
Sculpted fish crowns distinguish a car lot.
Orange gum compliments a reddened elbow.
Used cars incubate fox tails we forgot.
Orcish taffy congeals into a rock.
Purple rubber jams the galactic clock.

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