Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And I Would Walk Four Miles

The battery's still dead in my car--I got a ride to school from my mother but I walked home. This is the route I took, starting at the bottom from Grossmont College;

I think that's around four miles. It took me about an hour and a half. It wasn't bad at all, especially compared to the last time I walked home from college, which was a night class when my ride unexpectedly cancelled on me. On that occasion, I walked this route;

Which I think is around eight miles. I don't think I reached home until 1am, though I did stop to eat at a Denny's--this was at least twelve years ago.

I didn't know then about the little hiking trail to the west of the college, linking El Cajon to Santee--different parts of San Diego County. Though I probably wouldn't have used it so late at night anyway. I found it in October 2011 when I shot this video there;

Here's a picture of the area to the northwest of the college from the second floor of the science building;

One can actually see a residential area in Santee so I could tell it wouldn't be so bad. Certainly not compared to the three to nine hour walks I used to take for no reason whatsoever--I used to love walking a lot. I still feel one knows a place better once one's traversed it on foot.

Here are a few more pictures from my walk to-day;

Twitter Sonnet #509

Yellow diamonds distinguish the red one.
Reticent stripes enmesh the school's plaid skirt.
Punitive prams supply rattles of bone.
Obvious cocaine can't hide in the dirt.
Symmetry heals horns misplaced by Vulcan.
Captains can steal random ikons from space.
Posh ships still want to be Solo's Falcon.
Brows hold a serial cameo race.
Translucent buildings taper for a nail.
Hammer cranes query construction helmets.
Picnic ants with no sandwich surely fail.
Candle lit baths are no place for marmots.
Lizardless land licked the wealthy racist.
In heaven's band, a bot is the bassist.

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