Thursday, May 02, 2013

Don't Sacrifice the Celluloid

And now, here are pictures of a snail molesting a flower;

If you're like me, it makes you think of The Wicker Man, which I watched again last night for May Day. The 1973 film, of course. I do hope . . . I do hope most people, at least, realise the 2006 version is a remake. You all realise that, don't you? Please, I hope you do. It's pretty dispiriting to know that when most people now hear "The Wicker Man" they think, "Not the bees!"

This video has over a million views on YouTube;

So, bees. To be fair to Nicolas Cage, acting when your head is covered with cgi bees sounds like it would be challenging. Something subtler may have been called for, though. But, well, this video has over eight million views;

I like Nicolas Cage. Some of his reactions in the clips above are perfectly appropriate to the context in the movies. Other times . . . I think possibly he overdoes it a little bit.

Anyway, to-morrow I'm holding a Wicker Man themed chess tournament in Second Life--the 1973 Wicker Man, thank you. It's an event for Relay for Life, which is a series of events over the course of several months designed to raise money for the American Cancer Society. There will be ways to donate if you decide to attend--I'm keeping the tournament to eight players maximum, first come first registered, but everyone else is welcome to stay and watch. The tournament is at 2pm at The Queen Alice Chess Club. No cash prizes, it's all for charity, folks, but the winner gets to be king or queen for the day. There will be a Wicker Man. Whoever wins the tournament, the chess club is sure to see a bountiful harvest this year.

And here's Snow, or as I've taken to calling him these days, Snow Man; he's my dealer.

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