Thursday, May 09, 2013

Birds and Pieces

I saw this hawk when I walked to lunch yesterday. The ravens of about the same size that I see all over the place are incredibly camera shy. One could be two feet from me, but the moment he thinks I'm watching him he'll flee. The hawk just stared at me not giving a fuck.

Here's a raven flying away from me that same day;

Here are some more pictures I've taken lately along with some of my recent doodles;

Twitter Sonnet #505

Setting into running cartoon forest,
Ordinary orthopaedic panic.
Hanna-Barbera flat treadmill harvests,
Reap a long four tone sleepy eyed havoc.
Imaginary squares crossed the billboard.
Telescoping acetone chips escaped.
Flaky chalk lit the wood grain Chex clapboard.
Diamond football books were too boldly taped.
Greta gazed with open book in her hand.
Black possible plants turned in the white glare.
Ruined feathers bend under rubber band.
Spilt chocolate sauce beached the deep punch hare.
Granary leg inverse was incorrect.
Suspects call helix licenses collect.

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