Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cold from Heat

Still slogging through a cold I seem to've gotten from a wild burrito chase on Sunday as I walked from one Mexican restaurant to another in 101 Fahrenheit weather to find each one closed for Mother's Day before I got to one just about to close which gave me a burrito with sour cream in without telling me. Something in that journey gave me a cold that still makes me feel like I'm underwater to-day.

That evening, though, Neil Gaiman retweeted my analysis of the chess game from the new episode of Doctor Who written by him. Which was cool. I might have advised Gaiman to have the Doctor challenge the Cyber Planner to Go instead of chess as computers still generally aren't as good as the top ranked humans at Go, unlike chess. Though, on the other hand, I personally think chess has a much better aesthetic. The Go stones were always too anonymous for me, I need pieces with personality. So I'm completely willing to accept the Doctor simply knows a thing or two about chess no human or computer does.

On Monday, I read "TURNING THE LITTLE KEY" by Caitlin R. Kiernan from the newest issue of her Sirenia Digest, a very effective story, like an expressionist dream of the grotesque inherent in loneliness. It's sort of like Samuel Beckett directed by F.W. Murnau with production design by Francis Bacon.

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