Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Loud Air Conditioner Dream

Very tired. I had to get up four hours early to take my grandmother to the airport, for which I had to be up at 7:20am. And I'd already gotten myself back to getting up at 11am, which may not be wise since Comic-Con is right around the corner. But fuck it, I'm a night person. I went all spring getting up at 9:30 am and after all that time I still find myself with more energy after the sun sets.

Before going to bed I watched a little bit of the 1985 Alice in Wonderland TV movie. I wasn't quite prepared for how bad it is. Pour Shelley Winters in feathers, squawking and rolling on the ground. Sherman Hemsley's execrable musical number in a mouse suit. The almost twenty minutes spent on Alice getting through the little door at the beginning with hardly any dialogue from the book. It's all only slightly better than the Star Wars Holiday Special and less morbidly compelling.

The only moment I liked at all so far is Sammy Davis Jr. Singing "You are Old, Father William," using Carroll's actual poem for lyrics instead of the brain dead Steve Allen stuff sufficing for the other musical numbers. If someone could isolate Sammy Davis Jr.'s vocal track and give it some decent musical accompaniment, it might actually be kind of a cool song.

Oh, wow. The top YouTube comment on this video . . . the stupidity is of such breathtaking proportions;


why is the catapillar black?

why is he wrapping?

why is she dressed like a german?

Why's he look like a colonial?

Because "catapillars" are clearly Caucasian.

Wrapping . . . ? German . . . ? Colonial . . . ? This person's four for four. There's something stupid in each point. I can only hope the 16 "likes" and no "dislikes" on this comment are ironic. Oh . . . but I know they're not.

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