Friday, June 28, 2013

The Heat Lamp, Day . . . Three, I Think

This house is turning into a giant microwave. Macrowave? Probably not, that probably means something else. Anyway, the dehumidifiers made it 90° in here all night. Well, until around 4am when it got down to 86°. We can't even open windows lest we allow any outside humidity in. But I did finally open my bedroom window anyway, just making sure to keep my door shut. I put a fan in front of the window and another one across the room--with my ceiling fan that made three and me in shorts on top of my sheets. Then, of course, the noise of all these fans made a problem but I may have gotten as much as five hours sleep.

If only I could move everything I need to work on my comic out of here to somewhere with an air conditioning. If only this had happened two months ago when I had to be out of the house much of the day anyway and there was nothing I couldn't get done at the library or somewhere as good as here.

I finally got around to watching the second episode of Game of Thrones last night in which Daenerys bests the guy she's forced to have sex with by making him really enjoy it. I think this may have been intended as an empowering moment for her. It helps to remind myself this is a sexual fantasy, maybe it's just difficult because it's not my sexual fantasy.

Otherwise, the show continues to have nice visuals. I liked the schoolyard taunting gone horribly wrong between the Prince and the other kids by the river. And poor Sean Bean having to kill a dog. It's a shame to hear he doesn't stick around for the whole series, he is really good.

I'm feeling really sluggish, I must say.

There's a working refrigerator with ice I've been availing myself of. Last night I squeezed a whole lime into a glass, added about four fingers of cocoanut milk and much pineapple juice then put it all in a shaker with crushed ice. The result was pretty wonderful. No rum--the thought of being trapped here at night, unable to drive because of the alcohol, was just too unpleasant. I ended up eating dinner at Denny's. I went to one I used to go to pretty regularly after finishing up working on something at 2 or 3 am. Ah, the old nocturnal schedule, something I definitely can't go back to in these conditions.

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