Saturday, July 27, 2013

Comic Con Report, volume 6: FINAL

Here legendary voice actress Tara Strong cosies up to Brent Spiner. This was an autograph booth in the event hall on the side of which I later noticed there was a small sign which said, "No Photographs". At one point a women leaned towards me and said those words aloud very quietly.

"Good luck with that," I said.

If you're any kind of celebrity, and you expect to avoid getting photographed, don't plant yourself in a sea like this;

That's the event hall on Sunday of Comic Con, the quietest day of the Con.

Of course, there were thousands of people who worked hard on costumes and who were more than happy to be photographed. This was one of the most viscerally striking Wolverines I've ever seen;

I daresay he's physically closer to Wolverine than Hugh Jackman.

This year, in terms of costumes, there was the greatest presence of what I overheard an elderly woman on the trolley refer to as "steamy punk". I guess that's better than Howard Stern misidentifying steampunk as a group of people obsessed with steam trains as he did on Monday.

There were lots of beautiful steampunk costumes which were usually made by the person wearing them, as was this case with this woman;

She even made her own jewellery;

These two made their own costumes, too;

I guess these two are steam/pirate/star wars -punk.

I'm not sure who or what this lady was but she was nicely sinister;

I'm not sure if this girl was steampunk or an anime character or both;

I felt like anime costumes had a much smaller presence this year. I was pleased to see this Faye Valentine.

These two from one of the Dragon Age video games were closely guarded by their boyfriends just off camera.

I saw several Slave Leias, of course.

Perhaps this has prompted some people to find other ways of making Star Wars sexy;

As usual, there were evangelicals picketing the Con. The same guy was in charge of them as every year and he roamed along the edges of the Hall H line with a bullhorn to alternate between telling everyone how he's there to bring a message of love and telling everyone their activities at the Con are paving a path to Hell and unimaginable, unending torment. So naturally these guys, who started following the religious jerkoffs around with signs of their own, garnered some applause.

But it wasn't as cool as what I witnessed Sunday. The guy with the bullhorn started pacing along the periphery of the Hall H line while I was waiting in vain for the Doctor Who panel. It was already looking like the last hundred or so of us weren't going to get in which made the guy's proselytising seem all the more punishing. Then someone started singing "Bohemian Rhapsody". Soon everyone else in line joined in. And the guy with the bullhorn gave up and left. It was the only time I've seen that happen. I'm really glad I was there to see it.

Well, I think that's all the stories I have about this year's Con. I'll leave you with this picture of a mother I saw on Friday who neglected to buy passes for her children and so was unable to get into the Con.

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